Located at 50 Harrison Street, Suite 318, in Hoboken, NJ, LG Property Management with a Florida office is comprised of the following key individuals:

Ana Martell Ms. Martell, Managing Member who is a Certified Apartment Manager and a Licensed Real Estate Agent with a BS in Accounting & Business from Pace University. She has 18 Years of Progressive and Diversified Accounting experience. Ms. Martell is tasked with handling the day to day operations of LG Property Management.

Ralph R. Martell Mr. Martell, Partner and Operations Manager at LG Property Management. He handles Human Resources & Safety compliance issues. He also manages on-site training of personnel in safety and security procedures.

Alejandra Baez Ms. Baez, Property Manager at LG Property Management. She uses her exceptional customer service skills to manage the day to day complaints and work orders.

Lourdes Garcia Ms. Garcia is the Broker of Record for LG Realty & Property Management with over 20 years of real estate experience.

Marco Lopez Mr. Lopez, Certified Apartment Manager at LG Property Management. He is responsible for our Florida Division. He over sees the day to day of LG Property Management South.

Yovany Jimenez - Garcia AP/AR Manager specializing in Accounting and documentation management

Key personnel at LG Property Management are all fully bonded and insured. They are members of the New Jersey Board of Realtors and the Hudson Multiple Listing Services. LG Property Managers is a bi-lingual organization. Many on staff are fluent in English and Spanish and belong to the following associations: