LG Property Management is committed to their customers and the properties to which they are entrusted to manage. With the help of their loyal, well-trained staff, they have managed countless projects including small to large residential and small to large commercial properties. Listed below are services we provide:

Real Estate LG's team can sell or rent your property. With 20 years of combined experience in real estate sales and rentals we will ensure you get the most value for your asset.

Condominium Management Skilled in budgeting and negotiations, we are able to provide quality management services to Condominiums Associations while keeping costs to a minimal. We work hard to safe guard your expenses while keeping your Building safe, clean and fully operational.

Tenant placement We run ads continually to generate interest in our properties. 100% of our prospective tenants complete application forms. We follow up to verify employment, rental history, credit and criminal history. This reduces the chance that the tenant might be problematic.

Regular property inspections We conduct an inspection of the grounds and all units in the property approximately every 30 days. This is to ensure the property is being well kept and we pro-actively address any issues before they become too large or expensive to manage.

Collections/Accounting We assume the burden of collection and reconciliation. We report back once per month with financials to show both collections as well as cash disbursements. We can customize our reports to illustrate tenant payment histories or tax information. Condominium Boards receive monthly accounting reports.

Maintenance services During our inspections or prompted by tenants we record all repairs that are required so that the property remains well kept. We try, whenever possible, to maintain the property using in-house personnel. Our talented handymen deliver quality work at a fraction of the going rate.

Evictions We collect and record all rent from tenants. Tenants are apprised of the expectations in regards to payment from the onset. If rent is not paid by the 6th of every month, we begin the process necessary to collect rent or evict tenant.