LG Realty & Property Management is a residental & commercial property management company that focuses on the real estate needs of NJ and Florida investors. Real estate can be mired in tenant/landlord disputes that LG Realty & Property Management's expertise can resolve. LG Realty & Property Management offers a full range of services and solutions to assist owners or representatives of NJ or Florida investment properties. Meeting the individualistic needs of an investor, maintaining the lowest operating cost for the investor while maximizing his rate of return on the real estate asset is our primary goal. LG Realty & Property Management's focus is on solving the daily issues that arise with tenants and their landlords. LG Realty & Property Management services range from: property maintenance, upkeep and supervision, reliable tenant screening, quality placement, excelling in negotiating for the investor, handling collections and maintaining smooth evictions, building inspections and monthly financial reporting with usage of state of the art software.

LG Realty & Property Management has over 20 years of Real Estate industry experience which makes it the perfect Property Management choice for the investor: whether you require supervision of a condo, multi-family home, apartment building, or commercial building in New Jersey or Florida, LG Realty & Property Management can precisely meet your needs.

LG Realty & Property Management understands the perils of Real Estate management's conflicts and issues. LG Realty & Property Management provides the necessary safeguards to ensure the best selection of tenants, devotes quality time to maintaining positive tenant and landlord relationships and takes the required proactive steps to dissolve necessary tenant/landlord relationships. At the end of the day, LG Realty & Property Management welcomes the opportunity to face the daily challenges of maintain real estate assets for its investors and achieving the most optimal return.

Visit our About Us page to learn more about LG Realty & Property Management. If you have any questions, call us at 201-706-8400 or send us an email via our Contact form.